Harder times

Last week Lexi and me had to deal with something really rough; it made us question why we are actually here and feel like we are up against more than we have bargained for. Although we have been having trouble with the older children for a while, and we have both previously written about bad attitudes, testing characters and adolescent rebellion, I think my naivety clouded the reality of these problems and the fact that things were coming to a head.

I don’t really want to get into the details of what happened, firstly to protect those involved and secondly because I’m finding this quite hard to write. But in essence, after an incident concerning classroom discipline in one of my older English classes, a boy proceeded to lash out at both myself and Lexi resulting in our bedroom door being smashed. We were and still are completely devastated that this happened, and although this problem is now being dealt with, we felt bewildered that something this malicious could be directed towards us when we are only here to help the children and put our whole selves into doing so. The people around us have been offering support, and helping us understand that adolescence for these children is a complete minefield and anger unpredictable. I don’t know how anything positive can be drawn out of this, but I’m trying to hold on to a quote that I read the other day:

Our lives are a succession of experiences and the broken ones count as much as the perfect ones.

2 thoughts on “Harder times

  1. Dear Meenaskshi and Lexi
    Hold on in there. You have done indredible work and bought so much happiness and richness to so many of the children. Thinking and praying for you both Love Ann

  2. What a very apt quote, and maybe one that all of us should remember. I am sure you and Lexi have shown that you both posess the strength of character to overcome this unacceptable situation and maybe it might help to change the attitude of the other older children, now that it has come to a head .You have achieved remarkable results with the children in your teaching and playing with them, plus the love, caring and happiness you have both brought them. Keep up with the excellent work and stay positive. Love x

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