I’m Meenakshi, I’m 18 and blogging my preparation for and year as a volunteer in Cambodia with the charity Project Trust. Thanks for taking time to look at my corner of the internet, and I hope you are able to gain a bit of an understanding as to what I’ll be experiencing in 2014-2015. For anyone that’s interested; this is a personal blog written by me, Meenakshi. This means that the views expressed are my own and not of Project Trust.

Photo on 23-12-2012 at 17.13 #6

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  1. Hi Meenakshi. Chloe Jones (who goes to the same church as you?) passed me your ‘hello’ message to me today,,which was lovely. Sorry I had to try to look for you online as I’d heard about your Cambodia project, which sounds really exciting, and wanted to wish you the best for it. Would be great to hear from or see you again 🙂

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